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Steel -

timeless, elegant, versatile, economical.

Structural Steel Works and Buildings

We manufacture and assemble steel buildings and special welding constructions from carbon and stainless steels according to your requirements. The constructions can be delivered without corrosion protection, hot galvanized or painted.

Vessel and Equipment Manufacturing

Vessels, pipings, heat exchangers and equipment? – We have the expertise. We design and manufacture unpressurized and pressure vessels, pipings, heat exchangers and equipment as single units as well as components.

Metal Engineering

Staircases, railings, facades; with an experience of over 50 years we design, manufacture and assemble metal constructions.

Turn-Key Solutions

Together with experienced partners we realize turn-key solutions. We give your visions room and structure – from the very first design to hand-over of keys.

Become our Partner

Whichever of our products you buy or service you avail: That you are happy with it, is our most important task!